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ONE CAN, DO IT ALL 9mm, .308, 5.56, Rifle, Handgun, Subgun, Direct Thread, Q.D., 3-Lug, Nielsen Booster

Titanium… A highly coveted metal in the world of suppressors for it’s extreme light weight and durability. When we set out to create our next modular suppressor, it had to be the material of choice. Enter the NITRO® N2O, YHM’s modular suppressor designed around the tactical shooter. The NITRO® N2O achieves mission specific modularity by providing the operator with a plethora of mounting options and the ability to choose between a short and long configuration. The front cap can accommodate a user-provided rubber wipe that can drop suppression levels even further.

The NITRO® N2O is full-auto rated with subsonic ammunition and will accommodate .17HMR to 9mm and .308 Win.


.308 Win.: 141 dB (Short Configuration) / 135 dB (Long Configuration)

.300 BLK: 135 dB (Short Configuration) / 127 dB (Long Configuration)

9mm: 127 dB (Short Configuration) / 126 dB (Long Configuration)

  • DIAMETER / LENGTH: 1.562” / 5.4” to 7.5”
  • WEIGHT: 6.5 oz (Short) / 10 oz. (Long)
  • RATING: .17HMR – 9mm / .308 Win.
  • MATERIAL: Titanium
  • FINISH: Matte Black Cerakote Features:
    • The NITRO® N2O specializes in subgun, light-duty rifle, and pistol use.
    • The NITRO® N2O has 1- 3/8”-24 rear mounting threads and ships in the 1/2”-28 Direct Thread format. Additional mounting options include: the Phantom® Q.D. Adapter, 3-Lug adapter, Nielsen adapter, and a multitude of Direct Thread sizes.
    • The NITRO® N2O consists of a main suppressor body and a forward extension body. This way it can be run in a long or short configuration based on your shooting needs.
    • Limited Full Auto Minimum Barrel Lengths:
      • 7.62×51 / .308 Winchester: 16″ minimum barrel length
      • 350 Legend: 16″ minimum barrel length
      • 5.56 NATO: 16″ minimum barrel length
      • 300 Blackout: 7.5″ minimum barrel length